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The Ultimate guide on getting a Portugal Freelancer Visa from Dubai

Are you based in Dubai looking for better job opportunities and a career boost?

This guide explains how to get a Portugal Freelancer Visa from Dubai or a Portuguese work license, and other vital information regarding the exact process.

In case you’re considering to move for freelance work, you should check on the off chance that you need a Portugal Freelancer Visa before making courses of action. 

Conditions fluctuate contingent upon your nationality and the idea of your activity in Portugal. 

As the Portuguese work license is firmly connected to your living arrangement status, by and large, you can’t matter until a job in Portugal has been made sure about. Acquiring a Portugal freelancer visa. 

This guide discloses who needs to get a Portugal Freelancer Visa or grant, how to apply for a Portuguese work grant and visa, and the conditions.

Who can apply for Portugal Freelancer Visa from Dubai? 

Residents from EU/EEA/Switzerland don’t require any Portugal Freelancer Visa to live or work in Portugal. In any case, the individuals who come to work in Portugal for longer than a half year need a Residence Certificate (Certificado de Registo). 

Most non-EU nationals or ex-pats from gulf countries like Dubai will require a Portugal work grant before they can attempt to work in Portugal.

In most cases, a Portugal work license is possibly conceded to non-EU nationals if a protected activity has been offered or if the individual is married to a Portuguese resident. 

Whenever approved, they can proceed with the way toward getting a Portugal Freelancer Visa or home license. 

Portugal as of now also has amounts set up to restrain the number of occupations that go to third-nation nationals to improve work open doors for EU nationals. 

Most occupations should be promoted to Portuguese and EU/EFTA residents for 30 days before the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training in Portugal (IEFP) will characterize them as employments that can be openly filled by non-EU representatives. 

Following five years of living arrangement in Portugal, you can guarantee a Portuguese changeless home, and following six years of Portuguese citizenship. 

In either case, you won’t require a work grant however are free on the business showcase. 

The process to Apply for a Portugal Freelancer Visa from Dubai 

If you are an Expat in Dubai, you can apply for a Portugal Freelancer Visa at the international embassy in Abu Dhabi when they have gotten affirmation that their boss’ application for a Portuguese work grant has been allowed.

Alongside your Portugal Freelancer Visa application structure, you should give the accompanying: 

  • Identification photograph 
  • Passport and duplicates of your past visas 
  • Flight reservation subtleties (in spite of the fact that not generally) 
  • Medical insurance policy concealing costs to EUR 30,000 
  • Verification of accommodation
  • The business contract between you and your boss 

Your Portugal Freelancer Visa will be substantial for the period of time you will be working in Portugal, or sufficiently long to hold up your application for a Portuguese residence visa. 

Applications can take from about 14 days to around a few months altogether. 

When you arrive in Portugal, you will likewise need to enlist for social security in Portugal and a Portuguese tax number. 

You can do this through the Portuguese Social Security Office. Verification of this enlistment is commonly required while applying for your Portuguese home grant. 

  1. Portugal Freelance work visa

Regardless of whether you need a Portugal Freelancer Visa relies upon your nationality and the length of your business. The accompanying Portugal Freelancer Visas are accessible to non-EU nationals. 

2. Momentary Portugal work visa 

This Portugal Freelancer Visa is required for short-term agreements enduring under a half year. It is accessible to representatives and independently employed specialists subject to an assessment by the labor authority (IEFP). 

The short-stay visa can be reached out as long as one year on the off chance that you are occupied with logical exploration, scholastic instructing or exceptionally qualified proficient exercises, or certain preparation and administration arrangements given by individuals from World Trade Organization nations. 

On the off chance that you are visiting Portugal in the short-term for business purposes, you can apply for a Portuguese business visa instead of the work visa. 

3. Long term Portugal work visa 

This Portugal Freelancer Visa is required by non-EU nationals who mean to work in Portugal longer than a half year. 

As Portugal is in the Schengen Area, the work visa is a long-term Schengen Visa, empowering the holder to traverse the 26 Schengen territory nations. 

Because of their respective understandings, residents of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Israel can apply for this visa from inside Portugal, within 90 days of arriving. 

All other non-EU nationals should apply ahead of time for making a trip to Portugal. 

When the visa is made sure about, you have to begin the procedure to acquire a Portuguese residence grant from inside the nation. 

4. EU Blue Card 

The Blue Card scheme acts as a Portugal Freelancer Visa and residency for exceptionally qualified laborers from non-EU nations. 

You can apply for an EU Blue Card in the event that you have a higher capability (eg. a college degree), are a paid worker with a work agreement or restricting bid for employment in an EU nation for in any event one year, and have a gross yearly pay in any event one and a half times the national normal of the nation.

EU Blue Cards are legitimate for somewhere in the range of one and four years and permit non-EU nationals to work in 24 of 27 EU part states (barring Denmark, Ireland, and the UK). 

A Blue Cardholder who has been living in Portugal for a year and a half can decide to apply for a residence license for researchers or profoundly gifted migrants.


Hope this guide has answered all your queries regarding getting Portugal to work and Portugal freelancer visa from Dubai. 

If you are looking for more information, feel free to speak with our expert consultant by booking your inquiry here on this page.


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