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Portugal Job Seeker Visa

What Is The Job Seeker Visa:

The Visa has been introduced to cover the labour shortage and will be issued at the Portuguese’s consulate abroad. The Job Seeker program grants to its beneficiary the possibility to receive a Portuguese Residence Visa, valid for 120 days, that can be extended for 60 more days, allowing the candidate to look for a formal job in Portugal. If the candidate finds a formal job and signs up a work contract, dually registered before the Tax Authority and Social Security, will have an appointment to get his Portuguese Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) valid for 2 years, that can be renewed for period of (3) years.

For Whom?

The Job Seeker Visa is for foreigners who are interested to enter Portugal and look for a formal work contract.
It’s mandatory to have means of subsistence available in Portugal, based on a minimum deposit of € 2,900 into a Portuguese Bank account, and have flight tickets booked to return home if contract is not signed up into 120 days.

Why The Job Seeker Visa?

Free transit inside European Union / Schengen Area Countries, access to healthcare services, education, possibility to work, invest and extend the same benefits on behalf of family members.

The visa holder is only privileged to invite the family under family reunification once he accepts a successful occupation and residence permit in the country.

After 5 years of temporary residence, grants the possibility to apply for the Portuguese Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) and, the Portuguese citizenship / passport.

How To Apply


Processing fees (Including legal fees): AED 16,000 ( Register: 50% -After TRV 50%) | Government fees (VFS): €180.

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