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UK Self Sponsorship Visa

Self-Sponsorship refers to an application to go and work in the UK for your own business without the need of having a UK Sponsor. This can lead to permanent residency and British citizenship for yourself and your family.

Who is the UK Self Sponsorship visa suitable for?

If you are a thriving entrepreneur or business owner, and you have discovered a promising business opportunity in the United Kingdom, or if you possess a remarkable business idea and aspire to explore the potential in the UK market, and you desire to have ownership of a business in the UK.

Your objectives include leading, managing, and sustaining your UK business, and living with a sense of freedom, free from the fear of losing your UK visa.

Outlined below are the types of documents that will be required for obtaining a UK Self-Sponsorship Visa.

Documents required:

    • Passport Certificate of Sponsorship
    • Letter of Support from UK Company
    • Academic Qualifications (If applicable)
    • Bank Statements
    • English Language Requirement
    • TB Test (If Applicable)


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