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Austria Work Permit Visa From Dubai

Austria is blessed with stunning natural landscapes, picturesque villages, cultural cities, and so much more. It boasts charming places to visit, great food and drink, a robust social system, and an abundance of culture. Needless to say, the landlocked nation offers an excellent lifestyle for expats and is known as the land of opportunities.

Benefits of working in Austria:

1Working hours and paid time off 

– In Austria, a regular working week has 40 hours or 8 hours per day. Any hours worked in excess of 40 per week are compensated at a rate of 150% of the regular wage.

2. Minimum wage 

– Austria has no set minimum wage; however, a minimum salary of 1,500 Euros per month has been implemented in Austria for all industries since 2020.

3. Social security benefits 

– All foreign workers and employees in Austria are given a social security number that entitles them to the same social insurance benefits as Austrian citizens.

– It includes aspects such as illnesses, disability from work, maternity, unemployment, old age, survivors’ pensions, nursing care, etc; and this will be covered by social insurance.

4. Health insurance – This includes mandatory maternity coverage, free insurance coverage for all family members (subject to specific restrictions), and childcare allowance, among other things.

5.  Maternity, paternity, and parental leave 

– Eight weeks of maternity leave are provided to women both before and after giving birth.

– The government established “Daddy Month” in 2019, during which new fathers are granted a one-month off from work following the birth of their child.

– Subject to the employer’s approval, parents may also choose to take up to two years of parental leave or choose to work fewer hours until the child is four years old. Parents are even permitted to share their leave.

Laying in the heart of Europe, Austria is a desirable location, with many advantages for a global career.

• Additional benefits: Employees who want to grow their skills are a valuable resource for the Austrian market. This benefits businesses and employees alike. Due to this, employers not only give them financial help by paying for their courses, but also permit them to take study leave while they are working. Employees who pass their exams can potentially get a bonus or even a promotion.

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