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How to Migrate to Canada via British Columbia Regional Pilot Program?

Known as the “Immigrant’s paradise”, Canada is one of the most preferred places of immigration. Being at the top of the list of immigrant destinations, people across the globe look to migrate here for permanent residence purposes. 

Canada’s Government provides various benefits and facilities for its immigrants to facilitate their migration process and obtain their permanent residence status. The benefits positively affect the living conditions and standards of the immigrants. 

The access to a clean, safe environment with well-developed healthcare, education, and transport system with employment opportunities, immensely helps the immigrants make a better life in the Country. 

Apart from this, Canada supports the business immigration of entrepreneurs with experience in private sector organizations. 

Canada offers permanent residence facilities to Businessmen. And in no way will affect or apply conditions for the success of the businesses. 

Business owners, Senior executives, and entrepreneurs looking to migrate their business to Canada can now easily do so via the BC Regional Business Program. 

Before we get into this, let’s understand the benefits involved in migrating to Canada. 

Benefits of Canada Immigration for Business Owners :

There are various benefits that immigrants can enjoy after migrating to Canada. The abundance of growth opportunities, access to healthcare and education, and easy to follow visa process all act as major factors why people choose to migrate to Canada. 

Some more benefits are listed below:

  1. Canada provides a safe, secure, and clean environment to reside in. The State ensures a high level of safety and security to its immigrants and makes them feel in the new land.
  2. Canada makes for a perfect immigration destination wherein citizens and residents follow the rules and regulations of the Government to facilitate an ideal destination for prospective immigrants. 

  1. Canada has an abundance of opportunities in terms of employment. The well-developed social system helps new immigrants find a well-paying job and set up their life in the State. 

  1. Canada offers excellent healthcare, world-class education facilities, and highly-subsidized education in well-equipped universities. 

  1. Apart from this, the social system security benefits support the affected Canadian citizens, if unemployed. The Government also offers retirement pensions and benefits to the elderly and ensure their peace of mind and livelihood.

  1. Canada, as a country is economically and politically stable. The citizens enjoy well-paid jobs with a good amount of income for their labor. This ensures a stable and happier life among the citizens.

  1. Canada is diverse and is resided by people from different cultural backgrounds. People live here in peace and harmony despite many differences. People who are looking to launching businesses are supported and assisted by the Government, as well as fellow citizens. 

  1. Canada is a self-governing state wherein the economy lies in the hands of people. Businessmen and entrepreneurs are highly-respected and assisted in setting up their endeavors in the country. 

  1. Canada is leading and growing in all sorts of industrial backgrounds and provides for strong and good growth opportunities for immigrants.

  1. The application and approval process in Canada is easy and far less complex compared to other countries. 

  1. The Canadian visa offers various other benefits like setting up their business and enjoying the benefits of the NAFTA as well.
  2. Skilled businessmen or entrepreneurs can take advantage of working in the USA under TN visa status after successfully becoming a permanent resident of Canada. 

Overall, Canada is the right place for immigration if looking to move to a country that is safe, secular, and also provides benefits that facilitate easy life in the new land. 

As a business owner or an executive, moving to Canada can be possible under the BC Regional Business Program. This program offers an easy immigration process for people, who want to permanently settle in states like Canada. 

British Columbia Regional Business Program: What is it?

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program category aims at individuals whose net worth is high and wishes to invest and operate a business in British Columbia and eventually settle in the province. 

This is a path for experience and skilled businessmen and entrepreneurs to migrate to Canada and support the economic growth of the country. These can include:

  • Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot
  • Strategic Projects

What is British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration?

Priority is given to individuals that showcase the highest potential in the scoring system and are capable of setting up or creating a successful business and contributing to economic growth to the country. 

This program targets senior managers and or business owners who wish to invest in the businesses of the Country. 


  • A minimum Net worth of  $600,000
  • Investment of minimum $200,00 in the eligible business or purchase/improve an existing one in BC
  • Create at least one full-time job for the Canadian residents
  • Business and Management expertise required
  • To have or be eligible for a legal temporary immigration status to Canada
  • Lawfully admitted to the current residing country.

What is Entrepreneurship Immigration- Regional Pilot?

It targets entrepreneurs wishing to start their business in the state and contribute to the specific labor needs. The program facilitates entrepreneurs to open their businesses in smaller communities to British Columbia.

The program involves key features such as:

  • Community involvement
  • BC NCP referrals with Planned Business proposal
  • Community Concierge
  • Invitations and Prioritization


  • Minimum net worth- $300,000
  • Minimum of $100,000 of investments in the eligible business.
  • 51% ownership of the business 
  • Create at least one full-time job for the Canadian residents

What is British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects?

The program assists companies under foreign control who are sending timely staff or managers belonging to the business for its establishment in the State, and who wish to become residents of the State permanently. 


  • Minimum investment of $500,000 in the business.
  • Create three new jobs at least for the State’s citizens
  • Establish/purchase/expand business in the State. 

Do you want to permanently reside in Canada and become their citizen but don’t know how?

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