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Portugal Entrepreneur Visa

To obtain the Portugal Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) as an entrepreneur, the applicant must establish a business or company in Portugal, physical or online.

The First Temporary Residence Permit Lasts Through A Period of 2 Years

After the second year, the TRP holder can:

Renew the TRP for two successive periods of 2 years.
Obtain a Permanent Residence Permit in the 5th year; or
Obtain the Portuguese Citizenship in the 6th year.

The Holder of The TRP Is Entitled To:

    • Family reunification
      Education and study
    • Invest in any country in the Schengen Area
    • Pursuing activities as a self-employed Professional
    • Health care
    • Access to the Law and Justice

The Company Needs To Satisfy A Few Mandatory Legal Requirements As Mentioned Below :

    • Designated Manager (with Portuguese Address and Tax identification).
    • Portuguese Headquarters.
    • Portuguese Bank Account.
    • Chartered Accountant.
    • Final Beneficiary Identification.
    • Minimum Capital Share

Entrepreneur TRP Setup Benefits :

    • Establishing a Business, Company – Physical or Online.
    • Incorporation setup in 48 Hours.
    • Webpage.pt. offered by the Government.
    • No Minimum yearly profit requirement.
    • No Limit on number of yearly absences from Portugal.
    • Fast Track Residence Application, Approximately between 9-14 months.
    • Tax waiver; [Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) scheme]
    • Allows to have NIF (Tax Number) &NISS (Social Security Number).

Residence Application Requirements :

    • Company Incorporation
    • NISS (Social Security number) / NIF (Tax number)
    • Portuguese Address (will be provided by our lawyers)

Complete Process Time Frame :

    • Between 9 to 14 months


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