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How to Apply for PNP Program Canada from Dubai?

Do you have a low CRS Score and are looking for alternative options to immigrate to canada from dubai?

Are you looking to apply for a PNP Program Canada from Dubai and interested in knowing how will the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) work for you?

To immigrate to Canada via PNP, you must note that you need to have the education, skills, and experience that can help you to contribute economically to their territory or a specific province. 

The list of provinces in Canada that you can apply for a PNP are:

You should want to finally live in any of these provinces of Canada and become a permanent resident of the country of Canada. Each of their provinces or territories has its streams and immigration programs targeted at specific groups like students, skilled or semi-skilled workers, or business owners. 

To immigrate via PNP Program Canada you will need to apply as per the Provincial Nominee Program of that province. You can apply online through Express Entry or a paper-based process as per your wish. 

Whichever province you apply for, you will have to however undergo a medical examination and get a police certification. 

A Canada immigration agency in Dubai can assist you with this process. Below we are explaining both the processes of application in detail for your information:

PNP Program Canada Paper-based process: 

  • During this process, you can apply under a non-Express Entry stream to any of the provinces or territories for nomination. 
  • You will need to meet the relevant eligibility criteria of that province which is nominating you. 
  • After you are nominated, you can apply in the paper for a permanent residence permit to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. 
  • As mentioned above, you will need to clear the medical exam as well as a police check and get a certificate from the police. 
  • Irrespective of where you plan to live in Canada, these checks are mandatory for everyone if you plan to immigrate to Canada via PNP. 
  • This type of application processing can take a bit longer than the Express Entry process.

Filling out PNP Program Canada?

  • After you have been nominated from a province or territory, you will need to apply for permanent residence. 
  • The application package includes the instruction guide which will help you fill out all the forms well. 
  • Please ensure that you fill out only valid or true information in this form else your application has a chance of being rejected and at times you could be banned for even 5 years to apply for permanent residency status. 
  • You will need to make the payment of the relevant fee online for yourself or anyone else including you. 
  • You will also need to submit your biometrics fees and the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF). 
  • After the biometrics fee is paid, you will receive a letter confirming the same and your need to submit your biometrics and where you need to go to get them done. 
  • You will need to show this letter when you go for biometrics. Ensure you book an appointment if required. 
  • You will also need to pay the Third-Party fees depending on your situation like in case of medical exams, police certificates, language testing, or educational credential assessment.

When you are submitting your application, ensure you have answered all the questions, signed all necessary forms, included the processing fee, and included all documents such as nomination certificate from the province or territory. In case there are some missing documents or incomplete applications, the application may get rejected and sent back to you to fix the errors and re-submit. 

Application to PNP Program Canada

Yes, absolutely. If you wish to immigrate to Canada and apply through an online Express Entry process, there are two options for an application. 

However, in both these cases, you will need to be eligible for the requirements of the province or territory. 

You must also meet the Express Entry requirement and be eligible for the immigration program and apply electronically to IRCC and ensure you are aware of the cost to immigrate to Canada

Option 1: Contact the province or territory for applying for the permanent resident permit and ask them to nominate you under an Express Entry stream. In case they agree to nominate you, you can either create an Express Entry profile else update your existing profile and show them that you have been nominated.

Option 2: You can yourself create an Express Entry profile and then show to the provinces or the territories that you are interested in immigrating there. Once you receive a “notification of interest” to your account, from the relevant province or territory you can connect with them directly. Then you can apply for the respective Express Entry stream. In case you get nominated, the relevant province will offer to send it to you to your account. You can then accept it electronically.

Here are the common steps to be followed when applying for the Express Entry process when you want to immigrate via PNP program Canada. 

  1. Submit an Express Entry Profile: As a first step, you need to create an account as well as a profile. In case you are able to meet the Express Entry criteria, as well as the requirements for at least one of the three federal immigration programs, you will be accepted into the Express Entry pool of candidates.
  1. Receive nomination for Express Entry: you should receive a nomination electronically from the territory or province that has agreed to nominate you.
  2. Receive an invitation: To receive the invitation for applying for the permanent residence after acceptance of the nomination with the program details, points you are given, the deadline for applying, and the next steps to be taken. You will need to then fill out the online application with the supporting documents and application fees. 
  1. Withdrawal of nomination by the territory or province: In case the territory or province withdraws the nomination, before your invitation to apply, you can withdraw your profile from the Express Entry pool as well as submit a new profile to immigrate to Canada.

We hope you got the information you were looking for to submit your application for the PNP program Canada from Dubai.

Please feel free to drop your queries below in the comments or reach out to us to speak with our Consultant.


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