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How to Immigrate to Canada via the British Columbia PNP Program from Dubai

If you looking to immigrate, live, and work in Canada, then the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) can be the perfect option for you.

British Columbia is one of Canada’s thriving provinces with cities like Vancouver.

In British Columbia, job opportunities are an appealing option for lots of foreign workers looking for stable, long-term employment. The BC PNP Program enables applicants to immigrate directly to Canada. 

The BC PNP Program entails three immigration pathways allowing foreign nationals to become permanent residents in Canada.

The PNP is tactically introduced to attract immigrants in areas benefiting the province: skilled workers, entrepreneurs, workers in industries with labor shortages, and investors.

Read on to learn more about three immigration pathways that British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program offers. 

3 Ways to apply via British Columbia PNP Program

Here are the three ways to immigrate to Canada through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

1. British Columbia PNP Skilled Immigration

The Skills Immigration (SI) classification targets skilled and semi-talented specialists in high demand occupations in BC and are additionally divided into five parts: 

  • Skilled Workers 
  • Health care Professionals 
  • International Graduates 
  • International Post-Graduates 
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Workers 

British Columbia PNP Draws 

The BC PNP issues periodic Invitations to Apply (ITA) for nomination to the most noteworthy positioned applicants in three of the program’s streams: skilled laborers, international graduates, entry-level and semi-skilled specialists. 

The details and methods used for each search are distributed after the draws are finished. 

General Eligibility Requirements

A fruitful candidate under the Skills Immigration stream must meet all program necessities at the hour of registration and, if pertinent while applying for nomination. 

Apart from exceptional circumstances, the below conditions are required for all candidates under Skills Immigration: 

  • A full-time, intermediate job offer for employment from a BC employer in a skilled occupation (NOC ability type 0 & Skill level A or B), acknowledged by the prospecting candidate. Skilled professionals working in Dubai can apply for jobs in their field in BC. 
  • The candidate must have the required qualifications and experience to play out the job offered. 
  • Lawfully gained work experience will be considered. 
  • The salary offered must be similar to what exactly is being paid in BC for the occupation. 
  • Where the job offered is grouped under expertise level B, C, or D, the applicant must show language capability CLB/NCLC 4 in English and French in each of the four language abilities. 
  • Where the job offered is characterized under expertise type 0 or aptitude level A, legitimate test results are not needed at the hour of registration except if focuses are guaranteed for language; but, BCPNP may demand test results whenever during the application process. 
  • Meet the base salary requirements as indicated by the residence regions situated in BC and the number of dependants. 
  • Not have over 10% value in the BC organization offering employment, in the five years post-application and all throughout the application process. 
  • The BCPNP will decide whether there is a buoyant employment demand as well as a standpoint for the specific occupation. 
  • Show the capacity and aim to settle in BC. 
  • Submit a complete application and pay $1,150 as the application charge. 

General Requirements for Employers 

  • Set up as an employer on favorable terms in BC 
  • Give full-time, intermediate (lasting or with no set end date) work to Canadian candidates. 
  • Have a past filled with an excellent work environment and strategic approaches. 
  • Sign a business declaration. 
  • Meet homegrown work market enrollment requirements, where relevant. 

2. BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program offers a fantastic immigration measure for qualified applicants to forever get comfortable in regions in Canada.  

The BC PNP Business classification is focused on high net worth people who wish to settle and work in a business or entrepreneurs looking to invest in Canada and inevitably settle in the area. The streams include: 

  • Entrepreneur Immigration 
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot 
  • Strategic Projects 

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream 

As the territory builds up, nomination focuses on the program; the need is given to applicants showing the highest potential under a scoring framework, to do significant business, and to contribute substantial financial advantage to the area. 

The Entrepreneur Immigration stream targets ranking directors or entrepreneurs looking to invest in Canada. 

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration General Requirements

  • The individual should have total assets of at least $600,000, which are legitimately acquired. 
  • Put at least $200,000 in a qualified new business or to buy and improve a current business in BC. 
  • Make at least one full-time job position in your business for a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. 
  • Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4 in English or French in every one of the four abilities: listening, talking, reading, and writing, by the time of nomination. 
  • Reasonable business and management insight. 
  • Have, or be qualified for, legitimate temporary migration status in Canada. 
  • Have been legitimately admitted to the nation where you presently live. 

3. The BC PNP Tech Pilot 

The BC PNP Tech Pilot permits British Columbia movement authorities to facilitate the preparing of migration possibility for technology occupations which are in demand. 

Through week after week draws, invitations are given to candidates with work experience with one of 29 qualified occupations in the BC technology area. 

The BC PNP Tech Pilot organizes technology-specific applications under existing BC migration streams. Candidates should at present meet the fundamental requirements of an applicable British Columbia migration classification or stream, including a base one-year proposition for employment from a B.C. employer. 

Qualified classifications: Skilled Workers, Healthcare Professionals, International Graduates, International Post-Graduates and Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled Workers.


Immigrating to Canada via the British Columbia Program may just be the option you were waiting for in the midst of so many complexities surrounding the whole process.

We deal with the fine print while you pick your fantasy destination in Canada for you, your friends, and your family.

Schedule a free consultation session with our experts today to know your options!


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