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Immigrate to Canada via the British Columbia Investor Program from UAE

Are you a successful business owner or an investor based in UAE, looking to expand your business overseas?

That’s a wonderful and aspiring dream, one we would love to help you achieve it through the British Columbia Investor Program.  

For individuals to be eligible for the British Columbia Investor Program, the entrepreneur is required to invest at least CAD 200,000 in a new business or, in some exceptional cases, an existing business. 

The business that a prospective candidate is planning to establish must contribute to the region’s economy and create at least one new job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. 

The registrant must live near (or within 100 km) the business and manage the operation of the enterprise routinely. 

Prospective immigrants who wish to obtain a British Columbia investor visa should follow these steps to fill the Canada business visa application form

British Columbia Investment Program Immigration Procedure:

  • Consult us to ascertain whether the Entrepreneur Program’s eligibility requirements are met by your profile. 
  • Post application verification, you will be required to fill an online registration (also known as a pre-application). 
  • After you have completed and submitted the pre-application, wait for an invitation from the embassy. 
  • You will have to submit an online application within four months of the receipt of an official invitation. However, your application to the BCPNP must include a comprehensive business plan.
  • The authorities will conduct an in-person interview to approve your business idea. 
  • Cooperate with the assessment process and furnish the Canadian officials with extensive details. 
  • If your application complies with all the regulations and the investor immigration application is approved, it is necessary that you sign a performance agreement. 
  • Post signing a performance agreement, apply for a work permit. 
  • You can now commence a business in British Columbia after within 100 km of your residence. 
  • Congratulations, you can now run your own business in British Columbia for a period of 18 to 20 months. 
  • After a designated period, the officials will demand a final report. 
  • You will, therefore, wait for confirmation as a provincial nominee. 
  • Once your nomination has been approved, you can apply for permanent residence, including for all the eligible family members. 
  • Further, obtain permanent residence visas for you and your family. 

Individuals must note that not every person who applies for a BC Investor Program receives an invitation to apply. It often helps to have third-party consultation services that can guide you through this process and make your application a success. 

The BCPNP assigns a score to every applicant for business immigration visa registration. The assignment of points follows a specific procedure which includes several factors. Eligible entrepreneurs with the highest points are invited to establish their business in the country. 

Note that your application can be rejected in the subsequent steps, prominently the assessment interview wherein the officials gauge the feasibility of your business model and application. 

It is, therefore, crucial that you completely understand the scoring procedure before registration. Prospective entrepreneurs can improve their scores by undertaking necessary steps before handing in their application. 

Think that the BC Investor Program is suitable for you? Speak with our consultant today, and discuss your options. 

British Columbia Investor Program Immigration Eligibility

To be eligible for running a business under British Columbia Investor Program, registrants must meet three fundamental conditions.

Entrepreneurs Must:

  • The prospective candidate must be eligible to live and work in Canada. 
  • Meet the personal as well as the business net worth requirements. 
  • Entail considerable experience in managing and operating a business. 

Each eligibility criterion is essential. Prospective individuals must have to comply with all of them to receive an invitation from BCPNP. Entrepreneurs should, therefore, be confident that they conform to all the three conditions before registering.

Moreover, these criteria also extend to the investor’s spouse and dependent, who will eventually live in Canada. For eligibility purposes, a spouse is someone who is a common-law partner. However, entrepreneurs who are unsure whether their unmarried partner would qualify as a common-law partner should seek legal advice. 

Disqualifying Factors for Investors:

A prospective registrant will not be considered for a Canadian visa if he/she has at any time within the domestic territory of the country indulged in the following instances: 

  • If the prospective candidate has lived in Canada illegitimately at any time, he/she will not be considered for the visa. 
  • The visa will not be granted if the candidate was subjected to removal from the country in the past. 
  • You will not be endowed with a visa if you have any unresolved refugee claim in Canada. 
  • The visa will be denied if the registrant has committed a war crime or a crime against humanity or has engaged in terrorism at any point in his point. 
  • If the candidate, at any time, attempted to subvert a democratic government or engaged in espionage against the country. 
  • If the candidate poses a security risk or threat to Canada. 
  • Individuals who have engaged in acts of violence will not be given the visa. 
  • The prospective candidate must not be convicted of a crime that, if committed in Canada, would have a maximum sentence of 10 years or more. 
  • Individuals who have committed an indictable offense in Canada will not be given access to an Investor visa. 
  • Individuals who were convicted of or committed any two offenses that would be considered crimes in Canada will not be granted the visa. 
  • If the registrant has committed other specified crimes in the country. 

Personal Net Worth Requirements

If you are a prospective registrant planning to avail of a British Columbia Investor Visa, you must fulfill personal net worth requirements prescribed by the country.

For a candidate to be eligible, he/she must have at least CAD 600,000 of personal net worth effects. Assets can include:  

  • Cash
  • Bank deposits (including certificates of deposit or equivalents)
  • Treasury bills or equivalent securities issued by a government
  • Mutual funds
  • Pensions and retirement accounts
  • Stocks, bonds, and other market instruments 
  • Investments or partnership in a private business 
  • Real estate or property that has considerable financial value 
  • Every asset must be legally acquired and held in the name of the candidate of the spouse. 

Businessmen, senior-level managers looking to invest & immigrate in Canada can consider applying under the BC Investor Program.

Candidates and prospective registrants can schedule a free consultation session today and speak with our experts by clicking here.

Feel free to drop in your comments below so that we can discuss any queries you might have.  


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