Canada is commonly believed to be one of the ten best countries in which a company can startup.

It is because the country’s natural wealth, an extraordinarily skilled population, and a stable government are incredibly wealthy. 

You have many Canada Startup Visa choices, including the general Visa Start-up Program and the regional nominee program, to help you invest in your future and immigrate to Canada with your business.

You and your family can migrate to Canada jointly if you succeed in applying for business immigration. 

Canada is looking for businessmen who can begin, manage, or buy a company in the country through entrepreneurial experience, creativity, and innovation. 

So now that we have decided to start a new business in Canada, which province should we choose or rather is the easiest for immigration? 

Many of our existing clients have asked us this question so we thought of compiling a quick guide that can help you give a virtual tour of the provinces of Canada so that you can make an informed decision.  

So with that said, let’s get straight right into it:

Canada Startup Visa Process for all 10 Provinces

1. Alberta 

It is an excellent place to start your company. At the same time, home to the third most liveable city globally, Calgary, the agricultural lands of Alberta, entail minimum investments

The province is the second biggest agricultural producer in Canada, and with its many different ecosystems, the ground is ideal for agricultural produce, animal farming, and much more. Currently, there is only one Self Employed Farmer Stream Investment visa option in Alberta available.

2. British Columbia

British Columbia has one of Canada’s most versatile, diverse, and sustainable markets, making it the new and enlarged business’s prime destination. 

Vancouver, the province’s capital, is convenient for global trading routes like the United States, Asia, and Mexico. Companies are also fully sponsored by the fiscal government, making starting a business in our province simpler and less costly. 

Finally, British Columbia is rich in wealth, including more than 2.4 million well-trained workers.

British Columbia currently has two options for Investor Visa, the Immigration Stream Provincial Nominate and the Regional Pilot Program. Both options have a particular set of conditions to fulfill to start a company in Canada.

3. Manitoba 

Manitoba is quite correctly summarised as not too large and not too little. It is the province for you if you want to set up in a smaller, friendly environment. 

Manitoba is a nation full of natural wonders and healthy and clean cities. Winnipeg is globally renowned for its strong economy, low living costs, and high-quality job opportunities.

Living costs in Manitoba are so low that in the first five years of living, 76% of immigrants will be homemakers. It is one reason why 95% of them stay in Manitoba permanently after they move to Canada.

At present, the standard Business Investor Stream has two visa pathways for investors, the Entrepreneur Pathway, and the Farm Investor Pathway.

4. New Brunswick

The lush forests, clear lakes, stunning mountains, and New Brunswick beaches will give your new business an enticing backdrop. 

The world knows that the Bay of Fundy has the highest tides globally. However, what you might not know is that the best prospects for business are available exclusively in the region.  

Your company in New Brunswick is waiting for a trained workforce. The highest graduation rates and the fastest internet in the country make the province a prime location for productivity. 

The region has the lowest running costs in Canada, and the USA and new companies flourish. Therefore, the capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton, won the startup group in 2016 as well as several others.

You must either meet the Entrepreneurial Stream or the post-graduate Entrepreneurial Stream to start your company in New Brunswick.

5. Nova Scotia

Once you plan your new business in Canada, it is essential to keep track of the big things in life, including family. 

Look no further than Nova Scotia for the perfect balance between work, family, and rest. As one of the provinces of the Atlantic, Nova Scotia needs creative newcomers in the province.

Nova Scotia has a wealth of natural resources that has produced productive industries in agriculture, fisheries, mining, forestry, and natural gas extraction. 

The province will surely succeed with so many available resources and low living costs. In Nova Scotia, there are two Visa Entrepreneur options.

6. Northwest territories

Were you aware that the North-West Territories are the third-largest diamond producer in the world? Go north in Canada, this secretly filled region is known for its auroral boreal sightings. This territory is not only a wonder of nature but also a prime location for the industry. We have seen development and achievements in the farming, fishery, and profitable sectors over the recent few years, as well as continued progress with one of Canada’s lowest business tax rates and most rapidly rising GDP.

There are many enthusiastic and well-trained people in the Northwest Territories, the lowest unemployment in Canada. The government acknowledges the value of corporate investment and has since developed many corporate incentives and investment initiatives.

You have to apply for the Business Stream to start your business in the Northwest Territories.

7. Newfoundland and Labrador

In fact, 40 percent of these enterprises’ total population is employed by small businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador. The regional market potential is still largely untapped, despite numerous startups in the province. Newfoundland and Labrador have technology industries grown, and the countryside offers opportunities for adventure and ecotourism. Since the province wants a more generous supply of food, the agriculture industry has plenty of room to invest.

There are now two new visa options available for investors and entrepreneurs, one for foreign companies and one for international graduates looking to invest in a Newfoundland and Labrador company.

8. Prince Edward Island

Although the smallest province in Canada Prince Edward Island’s capacity for development is limitless. As a maritime province, PEI is heavily impacted by the nation’s elderly workforce. It is why the region has turned to immigrants, particularly foreign entrepreneurs and investors, to help develop an economy that is already growing.

In recognition of the importance of the new business growth, the Government of the PEI has offered entrepreneurs looking to start a new enterprise in the Province several supporting initiatives, including the Ignition Fund. Your company will definitely prosper in the PEI with plenty of resources available and the peaceful environment of the coastal towns. The working license for Prince Edward Island is currently the province’s only Canada business visa option.

9. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is located in Canada’s heart, and it’s a two-day drive from the United States. The province is well suited to manufacturing and distribution industries thanks to its extensive road, rail, and air transport facilities. Your company would have lower operating costs in Saskatchewan with the lowest province fiscal in Canada and broad resources reserves in forestry, mining, agriculture, and energy sectors.

You should also consider setting up your company in this prairie province as it has the third-largest proportion of young people working in Canada. In Saskatchewan, you have a variety of professional employees to help your firm prosper, unlike those heavily affected by aging.

10. Yukon

Yukon is a genuinely unique North American region. Many people call the place the last boundary because of its untouched natural scenery. Yukon cultures are very closely related to nature and are likely to be a community of friendly, active people with a love for outdoor activities.

You have access to a wealth of tools and fields that are primarily untapped to enterprise innovation when starting a company in the region. The Yukon government identified the province’s primary business sectors as the film, forestry, technology, mining, oil, gas, and tourism sectors. Your workforce will be useful in a business that targets one such industry, particularly with Yukoners (the population with the highest per capita degree holders in Canada).


Obviously this is an oversimplification of the entire process to help you get an understanding of your options.

Yes, we know that deciding a perfect province to apply for your Canada startup visa program can be a bit overwhelming.

Hence we always are willing to offer a free consultation session to help you run through your best options

Feel free to drop in your comments below so that we can answer any queries you might have.

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