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How to Get Canada Student Visa from Dubai?

Are you looking for a Canada student visa from Dubai & fly off to Canada to complete your higher studies?

Canada has some of the best universities, and colleges and those who study in Canada receive a well-respected and top-quality education. This kind of international education helps them with better professional prospects. 

Also, if you are an international student, Canada provides an opportunity to you to get a work permit post completion of your education that can result into a permanent residence permit and help you immigrate to Canada from Dubai.

Especially if you wish to pursue a post-graduation course, you will be eligible for a Post-Graduate work permit which can later let you obtain an open work permit with a validity of three years that can be useful to gain Canadian work experience. 

During the course, the students are allowed to work on a part-time basis for up to 20 hours per week on average.

Also, if the student applying for a student visa is married and is applying for a post-graduate program, their spouse can also get an open work permit which allows them to work fulltime. These benefits have attracted many students to Canada in the past few years. 

If you are a student in Dubai and interested in Canada Student Visa from Dubai, as your Canada Immigration Agency in Dubai, we would like to share with you the exact process that can help you during this process and enhance your chances of getting through your application.

A student based in Dubai needs a Canadian student visa Study Permit to pursue any course for more than 6 months in Canada. 

Canada Student Visa from Dubai Study Permit?

To apply for a Canada Student Visa from Dubai a Study Permit is a document issued by the Canadian Government that permits foreign nationals to take up studies at A Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada.

This document is required by most of the foreign students to study in Canada. You will need to apply for this permit before you immigrate to Canada for your studies. You will also need to prove that you

  • have enough money for your tuition fees, living expenses for you and any of your family members accompanying you to Canada, return ticket for you and your family members who immigrated to Canada along with you
  • own a police certificate, obey the law, and have no criminal record
  • have been medically examined and are in good health
  • can prove that you will leave Canada after the expiry of your study permit

Along with this Study Permit, you will also need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or a Visitor Visa to enter Canada. If your Canada Student Visa from Dubai Study Permit is approved, you will also get these along with it. 

If you are currently staying in India, Philippines, Morocco, Senegal, China, Vietnam, or Pakistan, and living in Dubai you will be able to get your Study Permit faster. You can apply for it online through the Student Direct Stream. 

Canada Student Visa from Dubai Study Permit Validity

Your Canada Student Visa from Dubai Study Permit will be valid for the entire time your course is valid plus another 90 days.

This extra time of 90 days lets you prepare to come back from Canada to your country or helps you plan your extension in Canada. However, there are some exceptions as in the following cases:

  • When taking pre-requisite courses: In case your institution asks you to take a course before enrolling you in their course, your Study Permit will be valid as long your course is valid and another year after that. Hence you must apply for this extension after you get enrolled to the main course. 
  • When the course finish date is after the Study Permit expires: In such a case, you will need to leave Canada unless you apply for an extension as a student. 
  • When the course finish date is before the Study Permit expires: You will get a 90-day extension after the course is finished, no matter what date is mentioned on your Study Permit. You can consider the completion of your studies on the date the institute notifies you via a completion certificate, degree, transcription, or diploma. You will need to notify the immigration authorities about this date else they will consider the earliest issue date on the document. 

Canada Student Visa from Dubai Documents

You will need to put together the following documents to apply for your Study Permit when you want to immigrate to Canada from Dubai:

  • proof of identity including your valid passport, or any travel document. If you are applying online, you can upload the information page of the document and after approval, you can send the original document.
  • two recently taken passport-sized photographs with name and date of birth written at the back of each of the photographs
  • proof of acceptance
  • proof of financial support to prove that you can support yourself and your family members while in Canada. You will need to provide details of your funds by providing any of these following documents
  1. providing proof of money in a Canadian bank account in your name
  2. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) received from a participating Canadian financial institution
  3. proof of education loan from a bank
  4. statement from your bank for last 4 months
  5. a bank draft that can be easily converted to Canadian dollars
  6. housing and tuition fees payment proof
  7. a letter from a person or institute that is giving you money
  8. any proof of funds from anyone in Canada in case you have received a scholarship or have a funding from Canadian educational program

Following documents may also be required:

Canada Student Visa from Dubai Application Process

You can either apply for the Study Visa prior to coming to Canada or sometimes some students also apply while they are living in Canada itself. You can also apply for the Study Visa at the port of entry. 

To simplify your entire application for canada student visa from dubai, please feel free to contact us here so that we can help you smoothen the entire process.


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