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Things to consider before applying for a work permit in Germany

There are now some incredibly amazing opportunities available for anyone looking to work in Germany. In this country, enticing prospects are readily available if you have the necessary skill set.

In almost every industry, there is high demand for highly skilled professionals, and a lot of people are moving to the country to take advantage of these opportunities.

This blog will be helpful if you intend to work in Germany. The stages that all expats will take to integrate are mostly the same, which you can find detailed below, regardless of your area of expertise.


  1. Work Permit and Visa

If you wish to work in Germany, the first thing you need do is apply for a visa and work permit. This will allow you to live and work there as a fully contributing part of society.

You won’t even need to apply for a special permit to work in Germany if you are currently lawfully residing in one of the following countries: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Iceland.

10PRO Consulting can assist you in the document submission process to ensure that you have all of the required paperwork. Keep in mind that there are different application procedures and requirements depending on your country of origin. Since applications are frequently submitted in person at the German embassy in the country you are residing in, we suggest contacting 10PRO Consulting’s professional experts to check the requirements based on your personal information and needs.

The actual application procedure will typically need a personal visit to your local German consulate, where you’ll be expected to have your current passport on hand (and potentially a copy), as well as some passport photos and a few necessary documents (diploma, employment contract, certificate of good conduct, etc…)

  1. Housing

Start considering living arrangements once you have taken care of the basics and have all the paperwork organized. While you search for a long-term solution, you can discover nearby lodging through websites like AirBnB or in some circumstances, your company may be able to offer you temporary housing.

You only have to worry about settling in once you’ve found your ideal long-term housing solution. Some companies in Germany will assist in covering some of your moving expenditures as well as partially supporting travel charges for you to relocate your family.

  1. Knowledge of the German Tax System

Working in Germany means you will pay income tax, which can range from 0% to 45%. The general rule of thumb is that the higher your income is, the more you pay in taxes.   The solidarity tax, which is 5.5% of total income tax, is one of the many taxes you’ll have to pay as a worker in Germany. Additionally, there is a church tax that, depending on the federal state in which you reside, can be anywhere between 8% and 9%.

In case you need to calculate your taxes, 10PRO Consulting can assist you and provide numerous tax calculators you can utilize for your benefit.



The fourth biggest immigrant population in the world and the largest in Europe is in Germany. Over 10 million nationals from both EU and non-EU countries currently reside there, and for good reason.

The country is a global leader in tech, automotive, financial services, and pharmaceuticals, has one of the most developed and stable economies in the world, a high standard of life, and free public education. If all of these incentives seem exciting to you, contact 10PRO Consulting to start your Germany work permit today!


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