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A Trip to Europe: Where to start, where to go, what to see

Are you attempting to arrange a trip to Europe but are unsure where to begin? Despite the fact that Europe is a small continent, there are approximately 50 countries to be seen. With so many destinations to explore in Europe, it can be overwhelming to choose where to go. You don’t need to worry though, 10-Pro Consulting’s immigration experts will guide you through it all!


To stimulate your imagination, we’ve compiled a list of our top European travel spots to kickstart your tour soon!


  • Bavaria, Germany

Germany’s Bavaria isn’t the first place that comes to mind when people think of traveling to Europe. However, it is one of Europe’s most stunning and fascinating travel locations. The fairy tale castle that has gained great recognition is in Bavaria. Neuschwanstein Castle, close to Munich, is a crucial stop on this journey.  Bavaria is among the top European travel destinations for a reason, thanks to its stunning scenery and remarkable activities. If you have grown interested in visiting Bavaria, you can book an appointment with 10-Pro Consulting’s experts and start arranging for your Schengen visa!


  • Paris, France

There is a reason why Paris is the most monumental travel destination in Europe: you can never go wrong there. Tourists have visited this lovely European city numerous times and never got tired of it. All you need to do to enjoy Paris is stroll along the Seine while taking in views of the Eiffel Tower, explore its many museums, or marvel in its stunning architecture.   Paris should be at the top of your list if it’s your first time visiting Europe, there is a reason it consistently comes in first place on lists of the most stunning cities in Europe. If the City of Light is on the top of your travel list, 10-Pro will help you obtain a Schengen visa so you can enjoy Parisian delicacies in the heart of the city!


  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city of canals, where Van Gogh was born, was built with tourists in mind. You must include this city in your travel plans through Europe. Amsterdam’s breathtaking scenery with its pedestrian-friendly, colorful buildings bordering the river filled with cafés, attracts tourists from all over the globe.  A significant amount of tourists visit the Anne Frank House, one of the most memorable and meaningful tourist sites. The Anne Frank House is particularly interesting to those with a passion for history and is a must visit if you are in Amsterdam!


  • Budapest, Hungary

One of the top tourist destinations in Europe is Budapest. The largest city in Hungary is comprised of the twin cities of Buda and Pest. One of the most beautiful cityscapes you’ll ever see spans the Danube River between them. Every time you visit, it is one of those cities that make you admire it in awe. Aside from the magnificent Danube River and lovely greenery that surround the city, the structures themselves also contribute to the sense of magnificence. The city is a treasure mine of architectural styles, with enough baroque, neoclassical, eclectic, and art nouveau structures to please all. If you are a lover of Art History, 10-Pro Consulting’s Schengen visa program will give you the opportunity to look at real-life artifacts of history.



No matter how small, every country in Europe has its unique characteristics.   Several countries, each with a unique beauty, scenery, culture, and language, might be visited in under 24 hours. Discover the majestic northern Europe. In addition to the vivacity of southern Europe, with its brightly painted homes, street art, shaded cobblestone streets, busy plazas, and idyllic islands. It’s difficult to match the diversity of a continent that borders both Asia and Africa, reaches as far north as the Arctic Circle.


10PRO Consulting can make your dream of visiting Europe come true. Get in touch with us and live an unforgettable journey in Europe!


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