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Everything You Need To Know About The D-7 Visa: Portugal’s Golden Visa

The Portuguese Golden Visa program has been an attractive investment opportunity for foreigners since its launch in 2012. With property prices having dipped since then, the program has become even more lucrative. The visa offers a wide range of investment options, including real estate, company shares, and arts and culture. It is no wonder that the number of D7 visas issued has increased exponentially in recent years.

What is the D7 Visa Portugal?

The D-7 visa portugal is a visa for investors who want to establish themselves in the country. This visa is for people who want to create or invest in a company in Portugal. To be eligible for this visa, you must have a valid passport, and you must be able to show that you have the financial resources to support yourself while in Portugal. You must also show that you have a clean criminal record.

A D7 Visa is a temporary residence permit used to obtain a D7 residency permit. This process can take up to 3 – 4 months. If you fail to submit the correct documents, it might take longer. Also, due to the COVID – 19 lockdown and travel restrictions, you can expect the process to take up to 6 months In order to apply for the D7 Visa, you have to be at least 18 years of age at the time of application. As of November 2020, no formal guidelines have been provided in terms of the maximum acceptable age limit, however, the program is exceedingly popular among wealthy retirees

What are the benefits of the D-7 Visa?

The D-7 Visa Portugal is a visa that is issued to people who want to invest in Portuguese companies. This visa is a great opportunity for people who want to get a European Union passport. The visa is valid for five years, and it allows the holder to live and work in Portugal.

The D-7 Visa Portugal is a great opportunity for people who want to invest in the Portuguese economy. The visa allows the holder to live and work in Portugal, and it also gives them access to the Schengen Area.

Who is eligible for the D-7 Visa?

The D-7 Visa Portugal is a visa for investors who want to establish a company in Portugal. The visa is also available to the employees of the company, as well as their family members. To be eligible for the visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a valid passport
  • You must have a clean criminal record
  • You must have sufficient funds to cover your stay in Portugal
  • You must have a confirmed business plan for your company in Portugal

What is the process for obtaining a D-7 Visa?

The D7 visa portugal is a long-term visa, granted to entrepreneurs and investors who want to set up a business in Portugal.

The process of obtaining this visa is not complicated but it does require some time and effort.

To obtain this visa, you must first identify the type of entrepreneur or investor you are.

The next step is to find the right Portuguese consulate that will be in charge of processing your application.

Once you have found the consulate, it is time to submit your application package with all the necessary documents.

In addition to submitting your application package, there are two other steps that need to be taken: making sure your company meets certain requirements and applying for a residence card before moving to Portugal.

Portuguese Embassy to inform you if your visa application is successful

If your visa application is successful, the respective Portuguese Embassy will inform you via email or mail. This can take anywhere between 60 – 90 days. Once your feedback is favorable, the Embassy will attach your new Temporary Residency Visa to your passport. After you receive feedback, you can collect your passport between Monday and Friday at the Embassy. When you collect your passport, remember to bring along your receipt and a copy of your ID Congratulations! You have now completed the entire application process for your new Portuguese Residence Permit. At first, the process is a bit difficult and can be tiresome at times. However, it is all worth it. Your Residence Permit will be sent to your home address or to the local post office.


The D-7 visa, also known as the Portugal Golden Visa, has been a popular choice for foreign investors in recent years. If you are interested in getting a D-7 visa, please contact our team of experts at 10 Pro Consultants today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started on the application process.


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