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Why Hiring An Immigration Consultant Is A Smart Choice

Immigration laws are very complex. Hiring an immigration consultant can be the difference between a successful application and not. You will want to hire someone who has the experience and knows the latest changes in rules.

The process of getting a visa for a country is rather complex and often has many pitfalls. To avoid them, you should consult with an experienced immigration consultant. An experienced immigration consultant will help you to find ways to get your dream job and help your immigration process be streamlined.

Myths about immigration consultants

There are many myths out there about immigration consultants. Some people think that all lawyers and immigration consultants know what they are doing. This just is not the case.

An immigration consultant is not a lawyer and does not provide legal advice or representation. Immigration consultants have no formal training in immigration law, so it is important to do your own research before choosing one.

Just because someone has accreditation on LinkedIn does not mean they are anyone you want to work with. Immigration consulting firms can be reputable, but there are also many scams out there that prey on unsuspecting immigrants looking for consultants.

Why you should hire an immigration consultant?

Immigration consultants are the best way to help you through the immigration process. They work with individuals and families to help them get through their immigration process. Immigration consultants will help you with the following:

  • Applying for a visa
  • Going through the visa interview process
  • Establishing a plan for your immigrant status
  • Finding a job or continuing your education
  • Becoming a naturalized citizen

An immigration consultant can also help you by removing barriers in front of your path and making it easier for you to get into the country.

What to look for in a good immigration consultant?

The right immigration consultant will offer you professional, ethical, and personalized services. They will do their best to help you find a solution to your case while being realistic.

Some of the qualities to look for when searching for a qualified immigration consultant are:

  • Experience: A good immigration consultant should have years of experience in the field.

  • Specialization: Good consultants should focus on specific areas of the law that deal with immigration law such as marriage-based green card cases or asylum.

  • Communication skills: A good immigration consultant should be able to make you feel at ease and answer any questions you have in relation to your visa inquiry.

Things to know before hiring a consultant?

If you are looking for a consultant, you should be thinking about the following factors before hiring one:

  • Their experience,
  • What they charge,
  • If they have the skill that you need,
  • How well they communicate,
  • And how reliable they are.

Questions to ask your potential consultant?

It is important to ask a consultant various questions before hiring them. It may be difficult to get the questions answered in person, so it is best to have them all written down for the potential consultant to read and answer.

  • What type of consulting do you specialize in?
  • What is the average time frame for a project?
  • What is your fee structure? Do you charge by the hour or by the project?
  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?
  • Can we work through Skype/Facetime?

What makes us special, why you should hire us?

We are a Canadian firm with a Team of Professionals having over a decade of Immigration Experience in Counselling Skilled Professionals, Investors & Students to settle Abroad. We are glad to make our presence in the Middle East, seeking to provide Professional & Honest advice to our clients, contact us today.


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