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What is Arrima’s Services for Quebec Immigration

Arrima is Quebec’s online system for processing immigration applications. It operates in a similar manner to the federal Express Entry system. Applicants for immigration to Quebec can create and submit profiles for consideration under the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP or RSWP). They are assigned a score and ranked against others in the Arrima pool of candidates. This way of selecting candidates for immigration is known as the Expression of Interest (EOI) system, or, in French, “système de déclaration d’intéret (DI).”

The steps you will need to go through to be considered for immigration to Quebec:

  1. Submit an expression of interest (EOI) in the Arrima pool of candidates;
  2. Once you submit an EOI, you will receive a score based on predetermined criteria. A self-assessment tool (in French only) is available on the government page to estimate the score you might obtain when you submit an expression of interest.
  3. The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) will send out invitations to the highest scoring candidates in the Arrima pool and invite them to submit a full application for permanent selection;
  4. Invited candidates have 60 days to complete the application and submit it to the MIFI;
  5. The MIFI will review your complete application;
  6. A decision on the application will be made and, if successful, you will receive a CSQ within a period of 6 months.  
  7. Once you receive a CSQ then you may apply to the federal government for Canadian permanent residence.

Scoring System used for the Quebec skilled Workers Program in Arrima

Human Capital (maximum of 580 points)

CriteriaMaximum points – Principal ApplicantMaximum points – Spouse or common-law partner accompanying the principal applicant
Knowledge of French18040
Knowledge of French and English80
Length of professional experience100
Level of education9070 (principal applicant with an accompanying spouse)
10 (spouse or common-law partner of principal applicant)

Quebec Labour Market Needs (maximum of 740 points)

CriteriaMaximum points – Principal ApplicantMaximum points – Spouse or common-law partner accompanying the principal applicant
Workforce diagnosis combined, if applicable, with the length of experience in the profession practiced;100
Field of training60
Québec diploma5010
Length of professional experience in Québec100
Length of professional experience in the rest of Canada30
Validated job offer combined, if applicable, instead of the job depending on whether it is located inside or outside the territory of Greater Montréal380 (Outside of Greater Montreal Area180 (In Greater Montreal Area)

Anyone who is above 18 years and has a total of 1320 points may submit an expression of interest by completing an online profile via Arrima Portal.


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