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The UAE Golden Visa: A Game-Changing Update for Property Owners

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been capturing the imagination of people worldwide as a haven for living, working, touring, and investing. With its safe environment, cutting-edge infrastructure, and unwavering commitment to growth, the UAE has emerged as the ultimate destination for those in search of new beginnings, success, and fresh prospects.

Back in 2019, the UAE Golden Visa was the dream of every ambitious talent, visionary innovator, and aspiring entrepreneur. It opened doors for individuals of various nationalities to carve out better futures and firmly establish their businesses in a flourishing ecosystem. The lure of the UAE Golden Visa lay in its promise of 10 years of residency, granting holders the freedom to live and work in the UAE or abroad, without any obligations tied to permanent residency or specific employers. It also offered the chance to study and work in the UAE without a sponsor, an opportunity that many found incredibly enticing.

Fast forward to 2023, and there’s exciting news on the horizon that’s set to revolutionize the UAE Golden Visa landscape for property owners.

The New UAE Golden Visa Update: A Game-Changer for Property Owners

The latest update to the UAE Golden Visa program is nothing short of groundbreaking, particularly for property owners. Now, property owners with real estate holdings worth a minimum of 2 million AED can apply for the coveted UAE Golden Visa. What’s even more impressive is that at the time of application, you are only required to have paid 1 million AED of the property’s total value.

To make this golden opportunity yours, here’s a breakdown of what you need:

  1. A Valid Passport

You must possess a valid passport, which is a fundamental requirement for the application process.

  1. Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is another essential prerequisite for your UAE Golden Visa application.

  1. Current UAE Residency

At the time of applying, you must be residing in the UAE, demonstrating your commitment to contributing to the country’s growth.

  1. Property Ownership of 2 Million AED or More

The thrilling news for property owners is that any property you own, valued at 2 million AED or above, can now be your gateway to the UAE Golden Visa.

  1. Payment of 1 Million AED or More

At the time of application, you must have paid at least 1 million AED of the property’s total value, which is a mere half of the property’s worth.

In Conclusion,

The UAE Golden Visa program is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to welcoming brilliant minds and visionary investors, while simultaneously expanding its business and investment landscape with fresh, creative talent. It presents a multitude of advantages for investors and property owners looking to broaden their horizons in the field.

And that’s where we come in. At 10PRO Consulting, we’re here to guide and assist you through the intricacies of the UAE Golden Visa application process. Trust us to lead you toward new possibilities and ensure your business takes flight, scaling new heights in this thriving environment.

Your path to the UAE Golden Visa has never been clearer or more attainable. Embrace the opportunity, unlock your potential, and let us be your trusted partner on this exciting journey.




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