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Reasons to Immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia

Due to a growing push towards nationalism in Saudi Arabia, over 700, 000 foreign workers have already left the country since 2018. This follows a 71% cut in government jobs for expats in the last year. If you’re searching for immigration opportunities that will provide new opportunities for expats, Canada is the place to go.


Apart from some criticism of the Saudi education system for its intensely religious basis as well as the view that it does not meet international standards, there is also the separation between foreign and Saudi nationals in terms of schooling. Expat children are forced to attend private schools, making it difficult for them to assimilate into their local communities.

Meanwhile, Canada offers a very high standard of education all the way from primary schooling to tertiary institutions that rank among the top 40 universities in the world. Education is also heavily subsidized by the federal government and, depending on which province you reside in, can be further subsidized by the provincial government.

Property Ownership

For foreign nationals living in Saudi Arabia, there is a long waiting list just to rent property as international workers are expected to live in compounds with other foreigners. Expats also can’t own property because the Kingdom strives towards a nationalist agenda.

In Canada, there is a large amount of land available (the country makes up 6% of the world’s landmass) and a study done in 2008 showed that ⅔ of this was owned by Canadians (with the other third being the state). Due to an influx of foreign nationals and no strict laws against expats owning land in the country, this figure reflects that up to 20% of land bought in big centres like Toronto and Vancouver involve non-Canadians.

Fair Access to Jobs

As mentioned above, Saudi Arabia hopes to shift a lot of the positions currently filled by international workers and expats are only able to start a business in partnership with a Saudi national. For this reason, many expats are hoping to take their skills elsewhere and there are plenty of ways to do so in Canada.

There are massive vacancies in certain sectors across Canada, with an estimate 500, 000 unfilled positions that is growing in number. Each province has their own list of occupations that are in-demand but there are also national deficits in jobs such as nursing, long-haul truck driving and construction.

Popular Programs in Canada

Express Entry System

The Express Entry system (which is linked to the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Trades and the Canadian Experience Class programs) was created by Canadian immigration authorities in 2015 to speed up the process of immigration to a period of as little as 6 months. This helps the right people enter the workforce faster than they would through a more traditional route.

Provincial Nominee Programs

There are plenty of PNP streams that offer ways for skilled workers to enter Canada through living and working in a specific province. Applying for this program while already in the Express Entry pool can also boost your CRS scores, greatly increasing your chances of being selected if you achieve a successful nomination.


Compared to the desert climate in Saudi Arabia, Canada has a very varied four seasons that feature snow as well as lush summer greenery as they change. A lot of activities open up one by one, including skiing, hiking and boating.

The cities on the other hand offer so much in terms of nightlife, markets, French architecture and world-class eateries. Glittering skylines provide a backdrop for a number of experiences such as a comfortable work environment and a forever interesting place to call home that is filled with other international cultures, languages and traditions.

Cost of living

With rising prices of rent and education in Saudi Arabia, it can make it difficult to provide a high standard of living for your family, especially when there is no real room to move in terms of choices of schools and housing.

Canada has a very fair minimum wage which sees the average salary in one of its major cities sitting at around $36,000. Although the cost of living may seem high, ranking equally with other global cities, this figure is above what is necessary to survive with basic needs and a few luxuries.

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