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Immigration system after Canada Election 2019

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Victory of the Liberals’ minority on October 21 confirms Canada’s immigration system will likely remain stable.

While the Liberal’s return to power will
maintain stability within the immigration system, a different result would
likely have also resulted in Canada’s immigration policies remaining unaffected
for the most part.

The 2019 campaign highlighted that Canada’s major parties share the same fundamental view on immigration — that welcoming newcomer is critical to the country’s economic development.

This is something all those who support
immigration should celebrate, irrespective of their political affiliation since
it highlights how unique Canada is among western democracies at a time of
growing polarization around the world.

Under a Liberal minority government, Immigration levels will rise further. The current target will increase from 330,800 in 2019 to 350,000 by 2021. Given the incremental approach employed by the Liberals in recent years, we can expect immigration targets to increase by an additional 10,000 newcomers or so each year beyond 2021, which means that Canada could aim for approximately 370,000 immigrants by 2023.

Liberals launched several economic class
immigration pilot programs in its first term. The most notable among these was
the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), which the Liberals pledged would become
permanent if they earned another mandate.

All eyes will now turn the Municipal
Nominee Program (MNP), which the Liberals pledged to help smaller cities across
Canada attract more immigrants.

The MNP’s selection criteria are likely to be modeled after the AIP and Rural Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), which was also launched by the Liberals. This means the MNP will enable employers in municipalities designated by the federal government to support the immigration applications of newcomers who meet their labour needs.


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