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Global Talent Program Australia open for business

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On Monday 4 November 2019, the Hon. David Coleman, Minister
for Immigration, Migrant Services, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs
officially launched the final settings of the Global Talent Independent
program. The program is designed to attract skilled migrants at the top
future-focused fields to Australia. The program brings the best talent from
around the world. This creates opportunities for Australians by transferring
skills, promoting innovation, and creating job opportunities.

Last year, the Australian Government committed to ensuring
that businesses in Australia have access to the best and brightest talent to
help grow a stronger economy.

As part of the commitment, the Government allocated up to
5,000 permanent places for global talent in the 2019–20 Migration Program year.

Through the Global Talent Program, Australia is seeking
skilled and specialised individuals who are at the top of their field in growth
industries and who can provide opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs and
individuals to share innovative ideas, skills and experience.

The Global Talent Program offers a permanent visa, to live and work anywhere in Australia– with applicants receiving a personalized service to guide them through the process.


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