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Germany’s new immigration laws open door for skilled labour

Non-EU skilled citizens will have it easier now to move and get a job in Germany. In a bid to attract more skilled workers, the coalition government has come up with an agreement on the immigration issue.  The deal, among others, makes it easier for non-EU skilled workers search for a job and work in Germany, in particular if they work in any of the occupations where there is a job shortage.

The German Deutsche Welle newspaper reports that Angela Merkel’s government worked to reach a deal on the immigration issue. The talks between the grand coalition were focused in two key points:

1) How to fill the skilled labour gap in Germany through targeted immigration from non-EU countries

2) The prospects of remaining in Germany for asylum seekers that were rejected, but have in the meantime found work and integrated into society?

According to the new immigration law, skilled labour from abroad with the adequate training and education will face fewer restrictions when they attempt to get a job in Germany.

Meaning, German companies in every sector are now able to recruit foreign skilled workers, unlike previously when they were allowed to recruit only workers in specific sectors.


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