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A multinational company setup in UAE is all about opening up opportunities for the companies. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a perfect platform for setting up new business ventures and achieving success. It has become one of the most popular hubs in the heart of the Middle East due to its strategic geographical location and favorable investment policies.

Multinational companies in UAE are now very common, with all sorts of businesses from different countries opting to have a business in UAE. The simple reason behind the success of multinational companies in the UAE is that it lets you start your business without much hassle at a much lower cost and with a simplified process.

What is a multinational company?

A multinational company is a business that has established itself in various parts of the world. It has set up offices, warehouses, markets, and sales networks in different countries. The business may have offices in 100 countries or more

Why a multinational company in UAE is the best investment?

It’s no secret that the UAE is home to many of the world’s most successful and innovative businesses. In fact, many global companies have chosen to base their Middle East operations in the UAE due to its highly developed infrastructure and business-friendly environment.

The UAE has attracted so much international investment because it offers a number of incentives and benefits for foreign investors:

The UAE’s customs duties on imports are 5% of the CIF value for most products. However, alcoholic, carbonated, and sweetened drinks have a 50% duty applied to them. Certain goods are exempt from customs duties such as pharmaceuticals and agricultural products. (For more details on tariffs please visit the Unified Customs Tariff webpage.)

The UAE has established a number of free trade zones, where companies are exempt from customs duties. Any company registered in one of the free zones can import goods without paying customs duty. Goods produced in countries that are party to the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement 1998 are exempt from customs duty. (For further information, visit the UAE Ministry of Economy and Dubai Customs.)

They are also well equipped to handle your corporate set-up:  accounting, taxation issues, and other associated matters. If you have ever tried to start a business in another country, then you already know that many things can go wrong if you don’t have an experienced team at your back.

Dubai is best for multinational companies

Dubai is the best city to base your business on because of its welcoming environment, tax-free status, and professional network.

Dubai’s economy is experiencing rapid growth due to the diversity of industries present in this international financial center. The government has implemented several initiatives that encourage foreign investors to come here and start a company. It also offers many incentives for businesses to expand their operations in Dubai. The largest benefit is the 100% foreign ownership allowed provided that the share capital is fully paid up.

The United Arab Emirates is a wealthy country with an excellent business environment, and it’s no secret that Dubai is the top city in the UAE to do business.

Dubai has been ranked as ‘the best place to do business” by Forbes for five years running. It comes as no surprise that the number of multinational companies choosing to establish their headquarters in Dubai continues to increase year on year.


With such a great structure in the UAE, it is not surprising that plenty of multinational companies are setting up their business in Dubai. But where do you start? We can help you make the right choices and get your company up and running fast. To learn more about our services and how we can help you set up a successful business in UAE, please contact us today.


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