Looking for work in Canada’s thriving tech start-up scene?

The Toronto-based MaRS innovation hub has published a list of high-growth Canadian startups with current job openings.

Nine of the 10 companies listed here are located in Toronto, where tech job growth has outpaced San Francisco in recent years.


Location: Toronto

In their own words: “Drop is a financial technology company focused on bringing value to millennials. Drop is designed to fit into any lifestyle — anyone can earn rewards, even if they don’t use a credit card. Together, we are helping our members get rewarded every day. Without adding debt, or charges.”

Current job openings: Frontend Engineer, Data Infrastructure Engineer, Dev-Ops Engineer, Business Operations & Strategy Associate, Community Manager, Customer Support Lead, Email Marketing Manager, Growth Marketing Manager, VP of Growth Marketing, and more…


Location: Toronto

In their own words: “Myant Inc. was created to develop Textile Computing and enable innovative solutions for healthcare, wellness and other industries … Myant is on a mission to improve the lives of billions with functional fashion and fabrics.

Current job openings: Biomedical Signal Processing Engineer, Director of Software Engineering, Firmware Engineer, Flat Knitting Programmer, Industrial Designer, Product Developer, Senior Electrical Engineer, UX and UI Designer, and more…


Location: Toronto

In their own words: “We give businesses powerful new ways to connect with their customers and their employees, and answer questions, complete purchases, or transact anytime using natural language AI.”

Current job openings: AI Data Analyst, Director Sales, Intermediate Java Developer, Senior Java Developer, Digital Project Manager, Front End and Mobile Developer, Digital Project Manager, Front End and Mobile Developer, and more…


Locations: Toronto and Kitchener, Ontario

In their own words: “Tulip’s mission is to empower next generation retail workers with world-class mobile-first, cloud-first enterprise software that transforms the in-store experience.”

Current job openings: Product Manager, Project Manager, Senior API Technical Writer, Senior Developer – PHP/MySQL, Software – PHP/MySQL, Technical Lead, and more…


Location: Toronto

In Their Own Words: “Think Research’s mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care.”

Current job openings: Business Development Associate, Business Development Representative, Clinical Education Specialist, Clinical Quality Specialist, DevOps Engineer, and more…


Location: Montreal

In Their Own Words: “Flinks is a data company that empowers businesses to provide better financial services to consumers, by connecting users bank accounts, providing financial insights and credit risk intelligence.”

Current job openings: Data Scientist, Financial Controller, Senior C# Service Reliability Specialist, C# Reliability Specialist, Acceleration Strategist – Recruiter, and more…


Location: Toronto

In Their Own Words: “Ideal is an intelligent system that complements your existing HR software to help you make the best talent decisions.”

Current job openings: Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer, Enterprise Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, and more…


Location: Toronto

In Their Own Words: “Nulogy’s Agile Customization Platform helps consumer brands and suppliers bring customized products to market with ease, speed, and quality.”

Current job openings: Customer Success Manager, Software Developer, Software Developer Lead, Product Designer, Senior Product Manager, Education Specialist, and more…


Location: Toronto

In Their Own Words: “Fiix is cloud-based CMMS software for maintenance and asset management that organizes, tracks, and schedules your maintenance activities.”

Current job openings: Account Executive – Mid-Market, Senior Account Executive, CMMS Implementation Consultant, Data Engineer, IT Infrastructure Operations Engineer, Java Software Developer, DevOps Manager, and more…


Location: Toronto

What they do: “KOHO is a free pre-paid, reloadable card + integrated app that gives you real-time insights into your spending. By using the app you can watch where your money goes and spend without guessing.”

Current job openings: VP Finance, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, IT Analyst, Senior Product Developer, Senior Software Engineer, VP Growth, and more…

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